Works in Progress (WIP) and Finished

22 July 2018

At the moment I’m working on knee warmers for my man.  He only wants his knees kept warm, not the rest of his leg.  So finding a crochet pattern that fitted the job description was a mission impossible, so I’ve opted to attempt to design to his specifications.  So far, so good.  This is where I’m up to at the present time.

I don’t know where the time has disappeared to 🙀 but I’ve completely neglected to update this page with finished projects.  Here are some photos since my last post in April.   There were other projects I forgot to photograph before they were delivered … too excited to pass them on I guess 😊

7 April 2018

Projects that have finally reached the finished stage …

(Note to self!)  these photos have dropped out of sight 🤔 Will have to find them later and put them in

January 2018

22 January
As I mentioned in today’s blog, here are the rest of the photos of current finished projects.

Pink Cotton Blend Bag (design and pattern by Lion Brand CottonEase) )


Ribbed For Him and Her Cap (design and pattern by Marly Bird)


Socks (design and pattern by Happy Berry)

8 January
Finally finished the green slipper socks.  Although they fit OK they’re not really what I was looking for.  They fit OK and will be fine for lounging around on cold winter days …  but the fit was a bit loose and the instructions for the heel were very confusing.  I really wanted socks that I could make as a gift and these definitely weren’t right.


After a lot of trolling through websites and YouTube videos, I found a much better design and have finished one sock.  The fit is great and the design is definitely a lot easier to understand.

Now I just have to make the second sock to make up the pair.

Beginning of January
A few items on the go at present … pink and white motif for baby blanket, slipper socks, pink cotton bag and teapot stand and ongoing scrapghan project.


October 2017
Colourful Scrapghan

Current project ….

September 2017
Black & Silver Scarf/Shawl and matching gloves

Finally finished.  Lovely and soft and up for sale NOW SOLD.

Another pair of Dragon Booties

Made for Anne’s daughter, Meg.

Glitter Shawl

Made with Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball (colour Cleansing Quartz), 61% cotton, 34% acrylic, 5% other fibre. Approximately 147.5cm x 38cm (58″ x 15″)

This was a birthday present order and I used the same pattern as for the Blue Glitter Shawl on the For Sale page, but this yarn graduated from black to grey to cream to white to fawn/brown and then back again.

It looked amazing finished but the photos don’t do it justice.  I needed to get it in the mail the morning after I finished it so I used the lounge room for the flat photos and the bathroom for the hanging photos.  The bathroom was not really the best place but it was the room with the brightest light at night.


22nd June 2017 … Dragon Booties finished 🙂

Well, I planned to show photos as I worked on the scales, but it just didn’t happen.  I finally finished friend Anne’s booties this week after picking up some slightly sparkly silver buttons to finish them off.  Three of the dragon scales will act as buttonholes and the fit is adjustable.  This is what they look like ….

21 April 2017 … Dragon Booties crocodile boots pic

These booties/slippers were originally called Crocodile Stitch Booties (designed by Bonita Patterns) because of the scale effect around the ankle.  Talking with daughter Jenny and her husband Peter, after they’d come back from a science fiction convention, they suggested that the scales looked like dragon scales and would perhaps have a wider appeal if I was looking to make more and sell them.  So I’ve changed the name to Dragon Booties.  They also came up with some very interesting, creative suggestions on how to utilise these scales in some different designs.  I’ll be experimenting with their ideas further down the track … once I’ve cleared my current orders.

Below are a few photos of the work in progress on Anne’s DBs.  Firstly, the black sole (so that it doesn’t show the dirt!) which is made separately, and then the body of the bootie joined onto the sole using the Moda Vera Fayette Pastel rainbow yarn.  I love the striped effect I’m getting with this yarn.  Challenging to work with as the 60% superwash wool and 40% polyamide mixture splits very easily.  Although the yarn feels very fine/thin it feels quite thick when it’s crocheted up.  They should be cosy and warm when finished.

Next to come is the tricky scale section, which I’ll be starting very soon and posting up photos as I go.

Blanket Sweater

I saw this pattern a while ago and decided that the best way to try out this new Lion Brand Scarfie yarn was to order it in Hot Pink and Black and make something for myself.

shrug pic

Definitely should have read the directions properly before I purchased the three balls of yarn suggested and then after starting the project discovering it’s for a small size.  I’m not small!!!  Expensive exercise to order another two balls to finish it, but it’s going to look great and I can’t wait to finish now that the yarn has arrived from the US this week. Will have to squeeze it in amongst my orders 🙂

This is where I’m at.  Amazing how the yarn self stripes as you go.  No joining in all the time and then having a million ends to hide.  Planning to have it ready for the cold weather.



Fingerless Gloves

I’m currently finishing off the three balls of yarn that Lee gave me for the next part of her rainbow gloves collection.  Orange and red finished and purple halfway there.

If you look closely at these gloves and compare them with the gloves on the Gallery page, you will notice that they are shorter.  The cuff sits on the wrist rather than up the forearm.   This was Lee’s specific request.

Also showing the ribbed band for the second glove as the gloves are made in four parts.  First the band which is crocheted in single crochet (US terminology) into the back loops to form the cuff to create a ribbing and then joined into a circle.  From there the body of the glove is crocheted in the round onto the cuff with the hole being formed for the thumb.  The thumb is next and it’s pretty tricky as it’s in single crochet and very small.  Finally the top section with the dividing loops for the fingers, all  in single crochet.  I redesigned this section as the original pattern was not easy to follow.  This new section works well and can be folded back if fingers need to be free for any reason. Tricky to start with, but now that I’ve crocheted about 20 pair I’m pretty familiar with the pattern and rarely need to look at it and as I mentioned above I’ve also been able to alter it to make shorter gloves and also larger gloves for bigger hands.

This is a photo of the glove with the ribbed band and body completed with hole for thumb ….

And then the finished glove with thumb and finger sections completed and all three pair packed and ready to go …

Crocodile Stitch Bootees/Slippers   

crocodile boots pic

These bootees/slippers are next on the order list for Anne in this lovely Fayette rainbow yarn from Moda Vera.  We’ve decided to be practical and have a black sole with rainbow top.  So looking forward to starting as soon as the purple glove is finished.  Updates as they progress.


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