“It’s a good day” … and it has been ๐Ÿ”†๐Ÿ˜Ž

Well, the day started a bit earlier than I’d planned.ย  Each Thursday we pick up our grandson from school and have him here overnight and then take him to school on Friday morning.ย  I’d set my alarm for 6.30am as his Mum was dropping in early this morning with his birthday cake to take to school, but I’d neglected to check the am/pm setting and I’d accidentally set the alarm for 6.30pm ๐Ÿ˜œ.ย  So I was woken by Gordon saying “Jen’s here” at 6.45am.ย  Stumbled out of bed, dragged on dressing gown and greeted Jen with blurry eyes.ย  Jen is no slouch with “on demand” birthday cakes and this year’s cake is a Chinese dragon outlined with powdered icing sugar on a chocolate cake.ย  I should have taken a photo … but although I appeared to be awake, my brain was definitely still sleeping ๐Ÿ˜‰

It’s a good day …. (“I said to the sun, good morning sun, rise and shine today”)ย it was a very chilly morning but the sun slowly rose and painted the tops of the trees with a soft golden glow.ย  The sky was a clear, light blue and the day promised to be glorious … especially after the cold, wet days we’ve been having.

It’s a good day … we had a wonderful morning visiting our new grandchild and parents (plus our grand-dog, mustn’t miss her out!).ย  There is no way to describe the feeling of holding and cuddling a new baby member of the family.ย  Gordon did the magic “sleeping arm” trick and in no time one little baby was off into dreamland.ย  I remember when Will was a baby that he would just nod off to sleep in no time when Gordon was holding him.ย  I think Gordon must exude some sort of sleeping potion as his shoulder has that same effect on me if I put my head there ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜

It’s a good day … we finally heard from Kiel, (our mechanic when it’s something that Gordon can’t fix) to say that our car was finally ready (after about six weeks!).ย  Not Kiel’s fault … just a series of weird things that needed to be sorted out on an old 1984 Holden Statesman.ย  Cost-wise, maybe not so good,ย  but Kiel has been very generous and kept the cost as low as he could.ย  So it was still a good day as we finally had the “Statey” back home where it belongs.

It’s a good day … I finished my three beanie order for Cindy and the three flowers for Anne and messaged them that their orders were ready.

Cindy’s beanies …. IMG_1325

and Anne’s removable flowers for her beanie …

With orders completed I will now get back to Gordon’s knee warmer and see if I can finish it off.ย  ย There’s also a pair of shark slippers for eldest son that were put on the back burner … I should probably get them out and start again with different yarn.

It’s a good day … I managed to get the washing done and mostly dry before the black rain clouds started gathering again.ย  Overnight on the clotheshorse to air out and I’ll be able to put it all away tomorrow.

So yes, “It’s a good day, how could anything go wrong, a good day from morning to night”…..

Hoping you’re also having a good day.

PS: It’s raining on the plains again (hope it gets where it needs to go).ย  I can feel another song coming on ๐Ÿ˜‰ … it’s a duet.ย  Can you guess who is singing it?ย  Let me know?