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25th June 2019 – once again, time has slipped away from me and I haven’t kept this page updated.  No time to do that today, but planning to update with more pics in the next couple of days 😎

7th May 2018 – where did the time go?  I should have posted these project as I finished them.  Here they are …. green trial slippers 👎, purple and black slippers 👍, pink bag, brimmed cap, teapot stand, various scarves, pink and black slouchy hat.

October 2017 – more completed projects.  Two pair of dragon booties, black and silver shawl/scarf and gloves, poppies (ongoing project) and another Shawl in a Ball project done with the black ball of yarn that turned out to be graduated shades from black through to cream.  Absolutely stunning!



Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball.  I wanted to try out Lion Brand’s Shawl in a Ball so I purchased a ball each of blue and a black.  Lion Brand are a US company, therefore even though the cost of the yarn is more than I would normally pay, it then goes up further with the exchange rate and freight 😦  The yarn is very fine, the colour is variegated and there’s a silver thread running through it.

This blue shawl looks very lacy and pretty and it’s very light.  Would make a very nice scarf or a very light dressy shawl … a bit too many gaps to keep keep the cold out 🙂  This is for sale as I have too many shawls and scarves already!  If you’re interested in purchasing then just jump over to the For Sale page 🙂

I’ll be trying a different pattern with the black in the near future and it will also be for sale.


… and here is a slide show of some finished items plus some descriptions.

The cat bags are tapestry crochet and quite challenging until you get the hang of working with several different threads and carrying them as you work.

The rug on the car was made especially for friend Anne’s Morry convertible.  The colour match was pretty good and I’ve since made a green and white rug for her partner Jim.  His and Hers!! Can get chilly in a convertible!

Purple fingerless gloves are from a pattern called Scrap Heart Gloves and were the first I had ever made.  I modified the pattern so that the dividers for the fingers are inside and the top can be folded back if necessary.  Ordered by Linda who is a stall holder at the local Sunday markets.  She has since ordered another pair and Rae from the olive oil stall also ordered a pair.

I modified the fingerless gloves to smaller ones with a different stitch for Jen’s matching gloves and phone pouch.

Fingerless gloves are very popular and I’m currently making a set of 9 for Lee.  She wants a pair for each colour of the rainbow, plus fawn and cream in alpaca yarn.  They are up on the WIP page.

Pink bag … well I had some yarn over so decided to experiment with a different stitch that I had just discovered.  Worked perfectly although strap is a bit too long 😦

Rugs, rugs and more rugs.  A good way to use up scrap yarn and try out new stitches.

Dr Who scarf draped over my lounge chair was a special order from Debbie after I had made her a pair of fingerless gloves.  Made in single crochet (double crochet if you use UK terminology) it took a long time to make as it reaches to mid-calf.  Debbie was thrilled with it.

My magenta sequined shawl (it looks pink but it’s not!).  Made with a Moda Vera yarn that has now been discontinued 😦  It’s lovely and warm and looks great.

Can’t forget the scoodies (scarf/hoodie combination).  Very difficult to photograph without a model.  I hope my models don’t mind being featured on this page.  They shall remain anonymous 🙂  I need to find a polystyrene head to model these in future.

Pink and green scoodie was made while Gordon was in hospital.  The pattern had intrigued me and as I had some “spare” yarn it gave me something to do to while away the time.  Morry friend Anne purchased it to take on her Antarctica trip.

Red and black scoodie for Anne’s daughter … her footy club colours.

Blue and white scoodie … again for Anne’s daughter when she goes to the footy with her fiancé.  Not sure what she’s going to do when the two teams are playing each other 😉

Here are some of the beanies and infinity scarves for the ADF in Afghanistan …..

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