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GREAT NEWS!!!!!  I now have the ability to accept payments through  You can use the link at the bottom of this page. makes transactions for sales a lot easier and safer for everyone.

POSTAGE WITHIN AUSTRALIA:  I visited the local post office to find out the cheapest way to post orders but still keep them safe.  The best option is to use parcel post bags and use a registered sticker with them.  That way the you, the recipient, can collect from the post office and sign for the parcel, rather than it just being dropped in your letter box or at the front door where it could possibly be stolen if you’re not at home.  

The cost is $10 for a 500g parcel.

I have not included the post and pack cost in the price of items as you may wish to collect from me in Kalamunda or not have the parcel registered.  Let me know when you order.

OVERSEAS ORDERS:  Postage/freight will be calculated once I know where to send your order.  You will be notified of costs before we finalise the order.  

Below are finished items I have for sale.  If you would like to purchase any of these items, or place a special “one off” order, please send me a message via this Contact Me link or the form at the bottom of the page.  

SOLD Long Scarf in Moda Vera Starlight yarn 95% Premium Acrylic, 5% Polyester (Wine with deep red sparkle thread) $25.00
An incredibly soft scarf with plenty of length to wrap yourself up on a cold day.  168mm (66 inches) long and 32mm (6.5 inches) wide.  IF YOU LIKE THIS SCARF AND WOULD LIKE TO ORDER ONE, JUST MESSAGE ME VIA THIS CONTACT ME LINK 😎

Infinity Scarf  (100% Acrylic) – Blue$20.00

Infinity Scarf (100% Acrylic) – Pink.  $20.00


Peaked Hat in Brick Red.  (Red Heart yarn 100% Acrylic) – $20.00

Teapot cosy and stand
I’m still working on perfecting the base and working out the pattern for the cosy.  These items are still WIP so pricing hasn’t been calculated as yet.

dragon tea cosy_cropped

SOLD  Black and Silver Shawl/Scarf and matching fingerless gloves (Moda Vera Starlight 90% Premium Acrylic 5% Polyester) – $40.00


Please use the contact form below if you are interested in purchasing anything on this page, or a bespoke item.  Once I have your order you will be able to pay very simply by using this link and just typing in the listed price when you get to the payment page.  Simple 👌.



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