About Me 😺

Why 6 Cs? Well these six C-words are just some of the interests in my life.

Crochet (since I was eight years old), cats (ditto but much earlier than eight years), coffee (a love/hate relationship – I love it, my body doesn’t), choir … and now ukulele (I’ve always loved music and singing), cooking, and cars (especially my Morris Minor “Minnie Mouse”).


The other main interests in my life are most importantly my other half/mate/best friend/husband Gordon, our three adult children and their partners, and our two grandchildren …  oops, and don’t forget the grand-dogs Gemma, Defa, Drac and Monaro 🙂

What have I done?  Well, among many things I’ve taught ballroom dancing, initially worked as a receptionist/telephonist/typist, raised a family, taught bread making and leatherwork at the local learning centre, taught leatherwork at TAFE, went back to work at age 45 as an executive secretary/personal assistant, started my own secretarial business at age 50 and later a boutique jam business.

We live in a lovely hills suburb called Kalamunda in the Darling Ranges, just east of Perth in Western Australia.  In 2009 Gordon and I retired and, putting the ocean on our right hand side, travelled right around Australia for four months in a 1953 Morris Minor panel van (his car!) and 1970’s camper trailer (bed in trailer with canvas over the top!).  We did another 4-1/2 month trip in 2016 and our blog can be found at https://cooktowncaper.wordpress.com.

car in courtyard

In 2014 I saw the Returned Services League call for people to knit or crochet poppies for the Gallipoli 1914-2014 Centenary and my passion for crochet was reignited.  Unfortunately I couldn’t participate in the poppy project but in 2015 I joined in to make beanies and scarves for our Defence Force troops in Afghanistan and I’ve been crocheting ever since, even whilst we were travelling.  I love the way it helps me relax no matter how complex the pattern I’m working on.

I’ve discovered new stitches that didn’t exist when I was learning to crochet.  I’ve come to grips with the American terminology which is different to the English terminology that I initially learned when I was eight. I’ve taught myself to follow graphs as well as words; and found an amazing Internet world of crochet out there that can answer any query.

I love creating special orders and seeing the joy it gives the client when they receive their special, custom crocheted item.

I’ve set up a Gallery page that will feature many finished projects and also a Works in Progress (WIP) page where I can discuss and show the project/s I’m currently working on.

I’ve also included a For Sale page.  Occasionally I crochet things just for the fun of it or to try out a pattern or a new yarn.  I can’t keep them all, so that’s what the For Sale page is about.  Information on ordering and purchasing will be on that page and you can also contact me via the Contact Me page to ask questions or place an order.

I’d love it if you clicked “like” 🌟 on the posts that you do like … and your comments are always welcome.  It will give me an idea of what you like and what you look for.  I will reply as quickly as I can.

I’d be really, really happy 😄😄😊if you clicked the “Follow Me” button 👌.  By clicking to follow me, you’ll receive an email via WordPress whenever I put up a new blog post.  You can opt out of that function if you find that too intrusive.  Your email address will never be shared.

So, if you’d like to get your cup of coffee or tea or whatever, sit down, get comfy and join me on my crochet journey, I’d love to have you along ❤

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