Time, time, time⏰⏰⌛⌛

It’s difficult to believe that it’s six months since my last post.  Time is a traveller and it’s travelled away at an alarming rate 🤔.

On the fractured bone front, my hand has finally healed but with a bit of limited movement in three of my fingers, which is frustrating but I’m learning to work around it.  The crocheting has been slow as the most difficult area was my little pinky finger, which now bends differently and as it’s my yarn tensioning finger I’ve had to learn to compensate and find a different way to tension.

As Gordon and I are also learning ukulele, the fingers have also caused a bit of angst as far as fingering for chords is concerned, but once again I’m finding different techniques that work for me and I have to accept that there will be chords that I may not be able to play as my pinky just doesn’t have any stretch … c’est la vie!

So, back to my last post and the strange jellyfish-like photo that I posted.  This is how it finished up ….

A little fox rattle for a very special little person for Christmas.  Thankfully I had it finished in time and despite the wonky nose and eyes I was reasonably happy with my first effort at amigurumi crochet.  Not sure that I want to go in that direction with my crochet as it does require nimble fingers and mine certainly didn’t feel nimble.

I’ve been slowly getting back into the crochet as my hand improves and there are several items I need to get working on.

If you remember the teapot stand I designed last year, I now have an order for another one with matching tea cosy and hope to get started on that very soon.

I’ve also received a commission from our local pharmacy, https://www.facebook.com/NightingalesKalamunda/ which at this stage I can’t elaborate on but I’ll post photos in July once the commission is completed.

As my hand was slowly healing I exercised it by using up some yarn I had purchased more than a year ago.  I was intrigued by the dragon scale fingerless gloves that I’d seen on the Internet, so I decided to try making a pair with a matching scarf.  These were the finished result, quickly snapped up by our grandson 😄 …

They turned out a lot better than I expected and I’m seriously considering making some more.

While all this hand healing was going on, we decided to take two weeks off in March/April for a camping holiday in Albany, Augusta and Busselton.  Albany, because it’s one of our most favourite places; Augusta because we haven’t been there for years and wanted to go somewhere different; and Busselton because we’d been invited to a ukulele night and there was also a car show on the same weekend where we could display our Morry Van.

Two weeks of glorious weather and some lovely scenery.

In Albany … on the tourist road to Denmark Farmhouse Cheese for lunch …

In Augusta …

… and finally in Busselton ….

We came home to fruit trees and grape vines starting to get their autumn leaves and this cheeky 28 parrot having a meal of dried grapes.

Not that we mind.  As far as we’re concerned the parrots and other small birds are more than welcome to what’s left of the grape harvest.  We also saw a very cheeky rat (we think) run across the pergola beam, break of a bunch of dried grapes and disappear into the roof … not once, but twice 😲.  Cheeky devil!

We spied this creature, called a Feather Horned Beetle, on the clothes line. Very difficult to photograph!  What I wouldn’t give to eyelashes like that!!!! 😄

Although it’s now June, and officially Winter, our Satsuma plum is still showing amazing Autumn colour.

The official “sprinkler ban, no watering other than hand held hose” period started on 1st June but the weather is still acting like a very warm Autumn … cold mornings and nights with crisp, sunny days … and with no sign of real rain.  The long range forecast is for a dry winter.  Gordon is in the process of planting out his winter veg so he’ll be doing a lot of hand watering until the rain does come.  The rainwater tanks we’ve been talking about for years would have been useful … if we had put them in 🤔

Over the next two days our slow combustion wood stove will be getting refurbished and a new flue👍, so once again we’ll be able to light it up and get cooking, warming the house and boosting the solar hot water over winter without smoking the house out as we have for the past two years.

Now that I’m back blogging I’m planning on a post a week and updating the other pages where necessary.  I’ve really missed sitting and chatting.

I hope you’ll drop by for a cuppa and a chat next week 😎

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