Almost back in action🤺😄

Well, I’ve not taken up fencing, as the picture in my heading suggests 😉 but I have finally managed to take up a crochet hook over the past couple of days.  Trying to find a new way of tensioning my yarn has been a challenge as my slowly healing fractured bones are still causing difficulties and my fingers don’t want to bend properly.  I’m not sure I’ve totally achieved the perfect solution, but I have managed to get this far ….


I can almost hear “what on earth is that!” and I totally understand your confusion.  Hopefully this will turn into a very special rattling toy for a very special little person.  At this stage I’ll let you keep guessing 😉 as I would like it to be a surprise for those receiving this gift on Christmas morning, but all will be revealed after Christmas … providing it turns out the way it should!!!  I guess, even if it doesn’t turn out exactly how I expect, I should still post the finished product.

I saw the design on my FB feed and fell in love with it.  The only issue is that the designer had shown very little in the way of actual construction (using photographs) and the pattern directions were/are not particularly clear, so a bit of angst trying to get into the mind of said designer.

I’m taking photos as I work so that I have something to refer back to if I decide to make this item again.

Another interesting issue was finding a bell to put inside.  Off to Spotlight to pick up the yarn and find a bell.  No bell!  Looked and looked but the store is huge and I traipsed up and down through aisle after aisle and came up with nothing … nada😓.  Finally asked a sales assistant who looked at my yarn and said “If you go back to where you found your yarn, then go to the back corner and they will be on one of the ends”.  So back I went, walked up and down, scanned aisle and end, after aisle and end and still nothing, but by this time I was starting to feel cross-eyed!  Came to the conclusion that it wasn’t my day and decided to head home with my yarn and look for the bell closer to the time I would need it.

Just as I was walking away I saw another sales assistant in the actual yarn area, so asked my question again.  This time the answer was “Oh, bells are with the teddy bears on that far wall” as she pointed in a totally opposite direction to my previous instructions.  Sure enough, there they were, packets and packets and packets of bells of all shapes and sizes and colours … BUT they came in packs of 10 and upwards and I only wanted one 🤔.  Beggars can’t be choosers, so I picked up a pack of 10, in the meantime wondering what I was going to do with extra 9 shiny gold bells ….


Well, as you can see, there are now only six in the packet … what did I do with the other four?


I was going carol singing yesterday and we’d been asked to wear as much “bling” as possible.  I looked at my boring shoes and thought of the old nursery rhyme “rings on her fingers and bells on her toes”.  Out with the tinsel, a couple of very rough bows (very difficult to tie bows with this particular tinsel) and voila, bells on the ends 😉  I certainly jingle jangled as I walked!  I’ll be singing carols again on Christmas Eve at Fiona Stanley Hospital, so these bows and bells will be back on my shoes again very soon 😎

I guess, for now, the rest of the bells will go in with the rest of my crochet stash until required for another project.

On the fractured hand bones front, I haven’t been happy with the slow recovery and poor mobility (it’s now eight weeks) and wondered whether everything was healing OK.  Saw my GP yesterday and he agreed, so off for another x-ray.  The radiologist is almost like an old friend these days, so I pumped him a little and he did say that it wasn’t healing as well as it should but naturally he didn’t want to say any more, but when he asked if I had an appointment to see my GP I knew that it wasn’t a good sign and he did comment that having osteoporosis could slow down the healing process 😪.  Sure enough, today I received a message from the surgery asking me to make a follow-up appointment.  Booked in for next Monday to find out just what’s going on.  As I’ve said before, I’m not a very patient patient but I guess you can’t hurry nature, so I’ll just have to manage, as I have been, do my best not to grizzle and be an absolute pain in the neck for Gordon (my goodness, he is so patient with me .. I love him to bits ❤❤!!!!)  and put up with the inconvenience until it finally rights itself.

So, at least I’m finally back doing a very small amount of crocheting and I am very thankful that I do actually have two hands 🙌

Wishing you a happy, sunshiny day wherever you may be 😎❤🔆


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