Slowly, slowly, slowly🐌🐌🐌

Time is relative …. although it seems as though it’s taking forever for the bones in my left hand to heal, and yet the days are rapidly counting down towards the end of the year.Β  Both the slow and the rapid are frustratingly annoying.Β  So much I want and need to do and I’m really not known for my patience πŸ˜›

To compound the problem, the pain I’ve had in my left arm/shoulder has finally been diagnosed as bursitis.Β  Cortisone injection later this week will hopefully help reduce the inflammation and pain.

The positives:

I need to mindful that the broken bones could have been a lot worse and be thankful that today (almost six weeks since that silly fall) I can actually type with all my fingers at a reasonable speed again … that’s a plus.

I’ve also been forced to use my right hand/arm for so many more things (except writing!) so I now know that I can make my bread, cakes and biscuits using either arm.Β  It might take a bit longer but it’s possible … that’s also a plus.

Ukelele playing is still difficult but as the swelling goes down the fingers move a bit better each time I play and it’s physiotherapy at the same time … that’s another plus.

Broken bones have no impact on singing!Β  Gordon has volunteered himself as my driver and has been taking me to my choir practices twice a week despite the fact that he really doesn’t like choir music.Β  He takes his books and puzzles with him, tunes out and waits two hours each time while I sing my heart out.Β  He is a treasurer and I love him to bits ❀😍

On the short term downside:

I can’t still can’t drive and losing the independence of being able go where I want, when I want can be a little irritating.

Crocheting is still not an option.Β  Interesting to discover that the total control of my yarn tension is with my ring and pinky fingers and they’re the ones that are still not totally functioning the way they should, but they are improving.Β  I’ve tried different ways to tension my yarn but nothing has worked so I just have to be patient a little longer.

Looking back on what I’ve just written, there are more positives than negatives so I just need to be patient a bit longer, be grateful that in the scheme of things the injury is fairly minor and be thankful that I have a wonderful man who loves and looks after me … even when I’m grumpy and difficult πŸ‘Œ

Time to get on with the day, do the everyday household stuff and get in a bit of uke practice.

Wishing you a happy, positive and safe sun shiny day πŸ”†πŸ˜ŽπŸ’



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