Out of ActionπŸ˜₯πŸ‘¨β€βš•οΈ

IMG_1610Life has it’s moments and at the moment I’m out of action with two fractured bones in my left hand .. which unfortunately also happens to be my dominant hand πŸ˜•.Β  Crochet, typing, and basically anything you use your hands for has become a challenge.Β  That’s not to say that I’m not up for a challenge, but it certainly takes the πŸ”† out of the day.

We had been away for a week down south in Albany and we’d had a great time just chilling out, sampling some delicious food, ice cream, cheese, cider and toffees from the region and enjoying revisiting some of the local attractions including Jimmy Newell’s Harbour, The Gap and the Natural Bridge.Β  Gordon spent his early life in Albany and then we lived there for three years in the 1970s, so each year we have our yearly “Albany Fix” as we call it.

Another special attraction this year in Albany is the Field of Light: Avenue of Honour by Bruce Munro and it’s installed the length of the Avenue of Honour that leads up to the Desert Mounted Corps Memorial.Β  The installation is to mark the end of the Great War and the signing of the Armistice on 11 November 1918.Β  My camera really couldn’t do justice to the installation but this is what I managed to get …

The end of our trip was to be a fund raising ride/drive with an Albany group of big bike and old car enthusiasts and would go from Albany to Bridgetown and return over the weekend except we would be returning back home rather than going back to Albany.Β  We were in our Morris Minor van with the camper trailer on the back, so a bit of a challenge keeping up with the big bikes and the V8s.Β  The start of the run on the Saturday morning was from Albany out to Alkoomi Wines in the Frankand River wine region.Β  This was our stop for morning tea and the winery provided free tea and coffee to accompany the muffins that had been baked for us by the supporters of Hawthorn House, the Alzheimer’s Respite Centre in Albany that we were raising funds for.

From Alkoomi we were on back roads that were perfect for bikes but sometimes a bit of a challenge for our little beast.Β  I think Gordon’s cartoon perfectly describes the last section of the road into Bridgetown 😲.Β  I am not kidding you, the hills and bends were very challenging and the poor Green Hornet (that’s the car’s name πŸ™‚) was constantly in first and second gear.Β  Our fuel consumption was atrocious and we had to stop to put more in.
Finally arrived for lunch at The Cidery, which was very nice.Β  A walk down town and afternoon tea a bit later and then out to Sunnyhurst Chalets, our overnight accommodation.

That’s when the weekend fell apart due to my clumsiness.Β  The beds in the chalets had doonas on them, but the sheets were neatly folded alongside the bed ready to for us to make the bed up.Β  I knew making the bed would aggravate Gordon’s back so I sent him out to the car to get our bags and I was going to make the bed.Β  Folded the doona, picked it up, turned and walked towards a chair and next thing I’m on the ground, having caught my toe in a bit of the doona that I hadn’t fold up quite right!Β  As I fell I hit my hand against the edge of the cupboard … OUCH!!!!!Β  I actually thought (hoped!) that I’d just bruised it as at that stage I could bend my fingers but the pain was excruciating!Β  Gordon got ice out of the freezer and I sat for about half an hour hoping that it would improve … but no, it just got worse and in the end we went off to the local hospital where, after an x-ray, I was told I had broken the two bones in my hand connected to the little and ring fingers.Β  So splint made up, hand bandaged and Panadol and Neurofen swallowed.

Despite all of the above, we did have lovely weekend.Β  With the entry fees ($100 per vehicle), outside donations and the $4,500 raised at the Saturday night auction (all items had been donated by local Albany businesses), the group raised more than $7,500 for Hawthorn House, a non-profit organisation that doesn’t receive any government funding.

A great bunch of people with big hearts.Β  We have been been fortunate to be a part of this Raiser Ride for two consecutive years and all things going to plan we will join them again after next year’s “Abany Fix”.

So, that’s why I’ve been “missing in action” … and that’s it for now as two finger typing is quite exhausting (and painful).

Hoping this finds you hale and hearty and with no broken bones 😜

Wishing you sunshine and happiness 😎😍

3 thoughts on “Out of ActionπŸ˜₯πŸ‘¨β€βš•οΈ

  1. All the way through reading this blog post, I was convinced that you were going to tell me that the car got stuck in some mud and you had to push it out .. and that’s how you came to break the bones in your hand. But no .. it was something simple – and isn’t it always? It’s the small almost daft things which turn out to be the dangerous ones.

    Now don’t you go around thinking you can do stuff simply because your hand is all bandaged up and so ‘protected’. No typing with that hand. No cooking or picking up saucepans or baking trays. No picking up a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g at all with that hand. Not even a sock. AND NO CROCHETING!! If you use it then it will stop the bones from healing and you’ll not get a fully working hand back. Do you hear me young lady? (whoops! I think I just became your mom then. LOL)

    Heal well my lovely friend and stay safe.
    Sending you much love and lots of healing vibes, heading your way, carried through the ether.
    ❀ ~ Cobs. xxx


    1. I have embellished the story a couple of times by saying I was attacked by a feral doona or the doona grabbed my foot πŸ™‚ but realistically, as you say, it’s the small daft things that are usually the cause as in this case.

      I am typing but only using the index finger on the sore hand. Being a “gun” typist (my main profession before retirement) it’s very frustrating not bring able to type properly … and to not be able to get on with my crochet project is equally frustrating but at least I can turn the pages on a book so I’m doing a lot of reading πŸ˜‰

      Yes Mum!! You did sound a bit like me doing the “mum thing” but we are both mothers so I had a good chuckle at that one.

      Gordon has taken over the household chores (I love him to bits) and next week I get to teach him how to make our bread that I’ve been doing for the past 44 years … that could be a challenge and I will need to be very patient … not one of my better attributes! Previously I’ve been able to anticipate my “incapacitations” and bake enough to put in the freezer. Drat that doona and my clumsiness 😝

      We are packing (well, Gordon is actually doing the packing) today to go south to a coastal town called Dunsborough for their annual SongFest. I will be singing with my main choir, Born to Sing, and also with my special “all ladies group”, Secret Women’s Business. Would much rather have done this with two good hands but that’s the way it goes. Last July 2017 I was performing with a fractured elbow … so a hand is a lot easier to deal with πŸ™‚

      Would you believe I had a call from the doctor’s surgery yesterday asking me to come in so that they can set up a “Care Plan” for me!!!! What the? Apparently if you are living with a chronic health condition (I have been diagnosed with advanced osteoporosis) for more than 6 months they have to set up a care plan to make sure you get all the medical benefits that are available through our Medicare system. I have to say it made me feel like an old lady … and I’m only 71 for goodness sake … still a Spring chicken as far as I’m concerned πŸ˜‰

      Thank you Cobs so much for the healing wishes. The joy of your thoughts make me smile and feel so much better so they must be having a healing effect. How I wish we didn’t live on the opposite sides of this wonderful world. I would so like to enjoy a cuppa in person with you. I don’t think we’d be able to stop talking.

      Health and Love to you from me across the ether
      ❀ Kay xxx

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      1. Bless your heart Kay.
        Firstly … Gordon gets my award of the week for FABULOUS HUSBAND WHO’S TAKING UP THE REINS while his wife is dealing with a broken hand, which is the result of saving a gentleman who fell into the Rhino Enclosure at the Zoo. You single-handedly held that Rhino by the horn and backed it into a corner by the use of your Animal Hypnotism ability, which you trained for in your youth. The sheer force of holding back the Rhino broke some of the bones in your hand!
        BUT …. you’re on the mend and will be ready to save someone another day. πŸ˜€

        I LOVE that your doctors surgery are making sure that you’re looked after properly. As for you being ** years young …. well that’s not right at all. I thought I’d already taught all the girls here that you must never admit to being older than your bra size, or older that your shoe size if you need to refer to your inner child. Bra size for real age, Shoe Size for age of inner child. See?

        And yes … you ARE a spring chicken and will always be so. Age is merely the number if years that the world has been enjoying you.

        Age = Bra size, Kay. πŸ™‚

        Although I’m thrilled to pieces that you’re off on a trip, for it will be some ‘happy’ to make up for the broken bones. BUT … I’ve come up with a theory …. I think it’s the singing which is the root of your problems.

        You found out that when you sway to the time of the music when you’re singing, you injure your neck.

        Last year you were singing with a Fractured Elbow!

        And now this year … you’ve broken the bones in your hand!

        It’s singing which is problem! πŸ˜€

        Aw, you are going to have a lovely time at the Songfest. A different set of walls is always a kind of holiday, and it refreshes your spirit.

        Sending you much love and … please get Gordon to wrap you up in cotton wool. I don’t want to hear about any breakages unless they’re in a cup! lol.
        Squidges, squishes and gentle hugs. ~ Cobs. xxx


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