Funny how ⌛⏰slips away (thanks again to Willie Nelson!)

Last year I started my post in a similar way with thanks to Willie Nelson.  Today I decided to include the video of him singing.  I do hope you like his gravelly voice.  Willie was born in 1933, and he’s still around writing and singing.  We have been fans of The Highwaymen (Willie, the late Johnny Cash{2003}, the late Waylon Jennings {2002}and Kris Kristofferson) since forever, it seems.  We last saw them together in November 1995 with “almost” front row seats at the old Burswood Dome in Perth, Western Australia.  It was an incredible night of amazing talent and showmanship, never to be forgotten 🎶 Hard to believe that it was 23 years ago!

Time has certainly slipped away from me since my last post.  I know it was only 11 days ago, but where it’s gone I really can’t figure out.  The days are going so quickly and we’re already at the back end of June.  Half the year gone in what feels like a blink of the eye 🙀

The good thing is I’ve been reasonably productive on the crocheting front … maybe that’s why the time has 🚀 … although the housework has suffered a bit 🤔  I always remind myself that my Mum used to say “what doesn’t get done today will still be there tomorrow”, and she was right.  So I don’t stress about it, although it would be nice if the house cleaning fairies would pay me a visit occasionally 👌

The gorgeous Portacraft Glimmer Twist yarn that I’ve been using is very popular and I’ve completed two more soft, long scarves … this one in Apple Orchard ….

… and this one in Coral Reef …

There are more orders for beanies … this one black with silver trim. This was a challenge as everywhere I looked the “silver” yarns were really just dull grey. Opted for a very pale grey with silver thread in the Moda Vera Starlight range and it worked really well.

Then a request was for an ear warmer.  I’ve used a cross stitch to give it some oomph and texture …

This is a trial run as I feel that it may be a bit too wide so I’ve used scrap yarn to give it a go and see what the client thinks.

There’s still an order for a Glimmer Twist scarf and matching beanie in the Boardwalk Promenade rainbow scarf profileto be started so I’ve been kept steadily busy this past month and  I’m certainly not complaining.

The good news on the yarn front is that we now have a new shop in Kalamunda called Knit Purl Yarn Boutique and owner Lena has an amazing range of yarns of all types including alpaca, wool, wool blends and acrylics.  It’s going to be very difficult to restrain myself from spending 💲💰💰  I’ll be browsing with friend Anne tomorrow to check out prices for a couple of possible orders (and keeping my money in my purse for as long as possible 😜).

So that’s it from my little corner of the world.  We have some sunshine coming this weekend.  Wishing you joy and sunshine in whatever you’re doing.  Thanks for stopping by 😎

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