Stormy Weather ☔, Beanies🤠, Ukelele Fun 🎼🎶 and Strawberry Jam 😋

What a miserable day it was yesterday 🌧☔⛄🌪We didn’t get a thunderstorm or snow but the rain pelted down, the wind howled in humongous gusts and it was very cold.  We had two goals for the day … our weekly Kalamunda Farmers’ Market shopping and playing our ukeleles with our Friday morning group to promote our fun class at the local Kalamunda Community Learning Centre Open Day.

First off, we went down to our Sunday Farmers’ Market for our weekly shop of eggs, olive oil, fruit, veg, honey. pasta, chorizo and other goodies and also deposited our “scrunchable” plastic at the Recycle In-Tent.

The Recycle In-Tent (RIT) is a great initiative and it’s amazing the amount of “stuff” you can recycle … especially the stuff you can’t put in your normal yellow top recycling bin.  There’s a big shopping trolley for scrunchy plastic, and that gets filled every week.  There are separate small bins for things like coffee pods, mailing satchels, toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes, cosmetic packaging … the list goes on.  Until the RIT started up I was unaware that there are actually companies that recycle some items that appear to be unrecyclable (is that a word???)  These special small bins are a fund raising initiative for a local primary school.

Each week our scrunchy plastic is getting less and less as I move away from the supermarket and buy more and more unpackaged dry goods. It’s very rare that I buy any fruit/veg that’s packaged … strawberries are probably the main exception.  I’ve always tried to reduce waste and landfill but it’s amazing just how much more you can do if you really put your mind to it. This past month I’ve only put our rubbish bin out twice and each time it feels stupid because it usually only has a large paper bag (recycled from the butcher) in it with stuff that we can’t recycle. All food scraps go out to the compost, scrunchy plastic into a special bag for Sunday,  newspapers and cardboard into the recycle bin and that’s about it.  I think this sounds a bit boastful 😜 but although I’ve been recycling for years I now feel that there are more options and that I’m really doing my bit.

I’d like to put a plug in for Rachel and Simon who own Replenish in Kalamunda.  They’re my “go to” shop and they really are the place to start reducing your packaging.  They have so many dry goods, spices, seeds, fruits, oils, cleaning products, toilet rolls, reusable cups, straws … I can’t list everything … but if you want to reduce your packing this is the place to start.  You just take in your own container, weigh it and write the weight on the side and fill with your chosen product.  At the counter they deduct the container weight and you’re just charged for the product.  If you forget your container, they have a large bin of donated clean glass jars and also strong paper bags made from recycled paper.  There’s also a loyalty programme so you can actually build up some credit as you spend.  I’m well on my way with a $5 credit waiting to be used.  How’s your recycling/waste reduction going?

While we were at the market we picked up our weekly eggs from Cindy (Khanzi Park Pastured Eggs) and talked her into modelling her pink beanie that I dropped off last week.  Like most of us, Cindy was a bit reluctant to be photographed … she says her best side is the back of her head (I know that feeling)!  Cindy, I hope you’re happy with these photos 😊.

Apparently the “trial” beanie (that I delivered with Cindy’s order last week) is being used all the time at the farm.  Nice to know that it’s being useful 🙂  Cindy has also placed another order for three special beanies for some friends she’s going to spend some time with later this year.  Time to get off to Spotlight to find that special yarn I’ll need.

Shopping, chatting and recycling done, we went off for morning tea at a favourite spot in Lesmurdie called The King and Spoon.  A great little cafe/restaurant with a delicious range of delights.

From there, home to unpack the shopping and then off to the Learning Centre for Ukelele Fun.  I don’t have any photos from the two hours that we were there, but it was a fun filled couple of hours with our people joining in for whatever time they had available.

The Uke group is something we have thoroughly enjoyed being part of (thanks to choir friend Marion).  We started at the beginning of the second semester last year and decided to continue on this year.  There’s no pressure to master the chords quickly, you can sing (or not) and our tutor, Annamaria, keeps us on track (when we’re not too busy talking 😄) … it’s about having fun, mastering a new skill, enjoying the music and socialising. For those who want to take it further, there are Uke groups around that you can move on to and expand your skills.  Gordon and I really look forward to our Friday mornings and although I have to admit that we don’t practice much, we’ve come a long way from our fumbling start last year to feeling confident enough to play in front of an audience (albeit within a group of Uke players!).

Today is overcast but dry with a forecast of possible rain.  Time to get some washing done and into the carport,  and then cut up the four punnets of strawberries that I bought yesterday.  The house will be filled with the delicious aroma of strawberry jam a bit later this afternoon.

Wishing you a happy day, wherever you and and whatever you’re doing 😎

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