You can keep your hat on 🤠

This past week was a “beanie” week as I filled an order for two beanies for Cindy, who has the Khanzi Park pastured eggs at the Kalamunda Farmers’ Market One pink and one royal blue beanie finished and I also included the trial beanie free of charge as I wasn’t happy with the way the variegated yarn didn’t blend in slowly as it changed from light to dark pink.  These are the finished beanies …

Cindy was very happy with her beanies and so was I as I wasn’t totally sure that they would fit.  I had made them to fit my head as I was fairly sure that Cindy’s head was about the same shape and size.  Thank goodness I was right 😊 but I completely forgot to take a photo before we went off to do the rest of our shopping.  If you’re reading this Cindy, perhaps you could take a photo and post to my Facebook page?  

These are all “top down” beanies and the stitch is called a Soft Seed stitch.  It can be a bit tricky getting it right as you increase to the right circumference but it has a lovely soft texture and looks really nice finished.  I finished off with a ribbing that I normally use for my fingerless gloves.  Usually, this is done by creating a strip of ribbing and joining it into a circle, then crocheting into the edge of the ribbing to create the round beanie or gloves or whatever.  This new way is an interesting concept and gives me the freedom to work from the top down and finish with ribbing (rather than single crochet or bulky post stitches) and without a puckered finish at the top of the beanie where stitches need to be gathered in and usually hidden with a pompom.  Now it means that a pompom can be an optional extra … not a necessity 👌

I love crochet.  It keeps my hands and mind busy and there’s always new yarns out there begging to be tried out on new projects.

Do you have an item you would like made?  Something that’s a “one off”, that no one else will have in that particular style or colour or yarn?  Why not get in touch with me and we can discuss making something special … just for you 🎀?  I love a challenge and I love making people happy.  Put the two together and you’ll have something unique.

Coming up in my next post … the secret project that I couldn’t divulge is no longer a secret 🍾💐💕👣🌟

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