Wet and Wild and Wonderful🌧🌩☂☔

From Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.  I’ve always loved this piece of music 😍

We’ve had some pretty wet and wild weather over the past four days and then today has been an absolutely glorious autumn day.  Washing done and on the line and feet up crocheting 😄

I posted in FB today but haven’t worked out how to link into WordPress, so here’s a copy of what I wrote …..

Last week was fantastic following the promotion by NIghtingales Pharmacy and Newsagency, and this week is also looking good 

I wore my rainbow scarf to our weekly Kalamunda Farmers’ Market on Sunday morning and Cindy from Khanzi Park Pastured Eggs commented on how colourful I look each week . After buying my eggs and chatting with Cindy and Linda Oliver (who used to be our “egg lady” until she retired) Cindy asked if I could make her a beanie as the one she had bought the previous year was the wrong size. A bit of discussion on size etc and I now have a order for two beanies, a pink one and a blue one.

I wanted to make “top down” beanies as “bottom up” crochet beanies don’t always finish off neatly at the top, but I’ve never been able to find a “top down” pattern with a ribbed edging. I finally worked out that I could add a ribbed edge by using the same ribbing that I use for my crochet fingerless gloves, I just had to improvise to add the ribbing on as the final round.

So yesterday was a trial run making a beanie with some of Nightingales Ice Cream yarn and using a seed stitch design plus the ribbing. It turned out really well, so I’m now in the process of making the “proper” pink beanie for Cindy. Hope to have both beanies finished for next Sunday’s market.

The sun is shining through the kitchen window and I’m happily crocheting with my cup of coffee keeping me company 

I hope you’re having a sun shiny day 😎

And the photos ….

The photo on the left is the pink beanie currently in progress and the one on the right is the finished trial run from yesterday.  Very happy with the ribbed finished 👌🙂

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