On a roll ……………… πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜ΊπŸŒŸβ˜”βš‘

My goodness, I remember this song from my teenage years!!!!Β  Have you ever really listened to the words?Β  I hadn’t until this morning … interesting 😎!! Great jive music and a good way to start the day with some bright, happy music.

The crocheting fingers have been busy, busy, busy and I’ve managed to finish one order and almost completed another.

Big Thank You to Brenda for the order of a lovely long scarf in the Moda Vera wine and sparkle yarn.Β  Finished it yesterday and I’ll be dropping it off to Brenda as soon as she has a moment free.

After I’d finished Brenda’s scarf I had this thought …Β  “I’m on a roll, why not get the second order started”?Β  It was a lovely sunny day, so I sat outside under the very sparsely covered grapevines and started this gorgeous scarf for Kerry.Β  It’s the same yarn and style of the previous multi-black/silver/grey scarf that was ordered by Donna at Nightingales Chemist & NewsagencyΒ recently.

I just couldn’t put it down last night and this morning I thought I’d just do aΒ “little bit more”Β but, again, I can’t put it down πŸ€”, so I’ve decided to continue on and finish it today.Β  The housework will always be there waiting for me (it never seems to go away, does it 😜?)Β  I figure there’s about another two hours crocheting and I’ll be finished.

I lit the slow combustion wood stove this morning as the temperature is predicted to drop and rain and possible storm coming in later today.Β  Kettle has boiled and we’ve both just finished enjoying a cuppa in the cosy kitchen.

We need the rain after a very dry autumn, but I’m also hoping that the coming rain gets inland to our farmers who desperately need the rain.

So, back to the red hot crochet hook πŸ˜„

I would love to hear from you if you’d like to drop me a note or post a comment 😍 and remember, I’d love to make something special for YOU!

Wishing you a lovely day πŸ”†

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