Finally, the teapot stand that I’ve been nutting out has come together and I finished it this week.  It’s on its way to Melbourne to be checked out as I’m not sure that acrylic yarn is the way to go because I don’t know how it will stand up to the heat of the teapot.  It’s all guesswork at this stage but it won’t be difficult to change to wool if necessary.  This is the prototype that I’ve put together ….

I’m pretty happy with it, as the only reference I had was this photo below and some measurements …
dragon tea cosy_croppedI’ve typed myself a sheet of instructions and included photos so that any future orders will be a lot easier to make 😉  My next challenge is to replicate the teapot cosy.  It looks fairly straightforward, so hopefully it won’t be as tricky the the stand.

The following photos have been taken using a polystrene head because although it’s very bland-looking, believe me it’s more photogenic than I am – especially when it comes to wearing something on my head 😋

So, what else is there? 

This scarf in a lovely wine coloured Moda Vera yarn with a lurex thread has a lovely sparkle.  The yarn is amazingly soft and warm and as winter is just around the corner I’m tempted to make some more.
I just need you to order one or two as I already have too many scarves so I need a few 💰💰💰 to help pay for my crocheting addiction 🙀

The next two scarves are infinity style, which means the ends are stitched together to make a circle so that you can leave it loose, wrap it around your neck twice to keep you really cosy and warm …

or take the back section up and over your head, like this for a bit of extra snuggly warmth …

Next is a peaked hat designed by Marly Bird that had me intrigued … so I just had to try it!!!

Unfortunately my model’s head was a bit small for this hat.  It fits me perfectly.  Either I’m a big head or my model’s a pin head 😋 The hat was made with a Red Heart yarn and keeps its shape really well.

And finally!  A slouchy beanie made with Lion Brand’s Scarfie in hot pink and black.  (It’s made with yarn left over from my blanket sweater, which is almost finished … I just need to get buttons for it).

This beanie also needs a button finish on the section that has the pink edging on the side.

So, that’s where I’m at.  I have yarn waiting to be crocheted up … I just need to find the right projects … or maybe orders???

If you’re interested in purchasing or ordering anything in this post (or perhaps something bespoke just for you), then mosey across to my For Sale page, check out size and cost, and send me a message via the contact page.  I’d love to hear from you.  

Remember … I now have to make purchasing safe and easy 🙂

Wishing you a happy, sunshiny day 🔆😎




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