A Sense of Achievement ðŸ‘Œ

Over the past few days I’ve started a new project, finished off an older project and a current project, and almost finalised another project.  It really is a great feeling when it all starts to come together.

First, I finished off the current project … the socks that I was trialling … and I definitely found the second sock a lot easier (a) because I had completed the first one and (b) because I now have the instructions typed up and in my file, so it will be a lot easier to follow in future.


Second, the older project.  I was making myself a pink cotton blend bag (also another trial).  I had reached the stage of sewing it together and I just hadn’t gone any further.  I decided that it was time to finish it off so that I could at least use it during these warm summer days.  It’s an ideal size when you don’t need a large bag … just something that will hold a phone, small money and cards purse, travel tissues and comb.  Very happy with the result, although I’d like to work on a different method to close off the sides.  I’m thinking a crab stitch may be the answer.


Third, I started a new project only a couple of nights ago.  It was the Ribbed for Him and Her Hat by Marly Bird.  I particularly wanted to try this pattern as I was looking for a cap that I could wear on sunny days when we go for a drive in our 1950s Morris Minor tourer.  It was a reasonably easy pattern to follow as Marly had provided a video to help with the brim/visor and also written instructions.  I finished it last night and it fits perfectly.  I’m now going to make a lightweight pink cotton version for summer as the Red Heart Super Saver yarn is too warm for this time of the year but ideal for the colder months.  The cotton yarn will probably crochet up differently so I may have to do some pattern adjustments as I go. The photos I took don’t do it justice as I had to fill the cavity of the hat with pillow stuffing as I don’t have a “head model” and I’m not the best person to model it.  Next on the shopping list …. a model head 🗿


Finally, the teapot stand is almost finished.  The separate crochet base and exterior have been done and joined together but I need more information on the foam insert.  A message has been sent and I’m waiting on a reply.  I’m hoping to finish this off very soon and get it across to Melbourne so that my client, Beth, can check if it’s exactly what she wants.  It’s been a very tricky project as I’ve only had two photos and some dimensions to work from.  Fingers crossed that we’re on the right track 🤞


Now that I’m on a roll as far as finishing projects is concerned, I really must get my hot pink and black blanket sweater finished before the end of summer so that I’m ready for the cold autumn/winter days.

There are extra photos on the WIP page if you’d like to have a look👀

Meanwhile, it’s back to the stash to see what else I can try my hand at.  There are so many projects and so many interesting stitches and designs that weren’t around when I picked up a crochet hook 63 years ago.  I also need to reduce my stash and try to make some money via sales so that I can buy and try some of the fantastic yarns that are out there.

If you’d like to place an order for anything at all, just message me via the contacts page or email me at kayscrochetcreations01@gmail.com  I’m currently working on a way for payments to be made to me via PayPal as I think this will be the best way to handle  💲 transactions.  Please let me know what you think 🤔

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