Victory 👌 and a little dance to celebrate …..

Finally, a sock completed that looks like a sock, feels like a sock and was quite simple to do.  Big thanks to Laura from HappyBerry for her fantastic video tutorial.  She’s an excellent example of how you should put a video tutorial together.  She works slowly and shows and explains every step very clearly.  It was an unusual method of sock making but it works!!!!!  Here’s my finished sock (I still have the other to make) ….


…. and some other photos of top of sock, toe and heel sections and also the loop for the heel.

The loop gives you a hole for the heel section to be worked later, so in the photo above you are looking at the back/underneath of the sock.  Once you have attached the loop you work in the round until the section for your leg is the length you require.  Then you go back and crochet in the heel.  Different but very effective and quite easy to do with the clear instructions.

The sock is actually a deep purple with black toe, heel and top, but for some reason the camera is picking up the purple as blue … weird!

So, there it is.  One sock successfully completed, instructions now written down so that I can type them up and file with my other patterns and I’m now ready to start the other sock to complete the pair.

Very happy 🙂🙂🙂

PS:  I finally found the Windows keyboard that I can put on my task bar and use for emoji.  Keep an eye out for some weird action in future posts 🙀

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