Slipper Socks … but they’re not golden … they’re green ;-)

This song reminds me of my childhood.  I don’t know why, but somewhere in my early life this was obviously a very popular song.  Probably heard on a 78rpm record on my grandmother’s wind-up gramophone.  I still have the gramophone and a box of 78rpm records but I doubt that this song is amongst them.

I was looking for a slipper song to go with my slipper socks and decided to use this one, although the message to Santa about “Slippers again this Christmas” was very tempting 🙂

So, I finally finished the slipper socks yesterday … made with unwanted yarn that I was quite happy to experiment with.  I’ve no idea why I bought this weird green combo as green is just not my colour at all, but for a dummy run of the slipper socks it was the ideal way to get rid of it 😉  I ran out of the green and had to unpick to share between the two socks and then finish them with the grey/black combo.


I have to admit to not being a fan of this pattern.  The turning of the heel was very difficult to follow (I’m usually don’t have problems following patterns) and they don’t fit as well as I hoped.  Nevertheless it was a good exercise in patience and a reasonable sense of achievement in actually finishing them and being able to wear them last night.

Were they comfortable?  Yes they were.  Plenty of toe room … maybe a bit too much … but it was a cold night (in the middle of a hot Perth, Western Australia summer!) and I had toasty warm feet.

As I was not 100% happy with this pattern I’ve browsed through umpteen videos and patterns and found a video that appears to be what I’ve been looking for.  It’s an excellent video … Laura is very easy to follow and takes her time so that you don’t have to keep going back to catch up.  I’ve been writing the pattern down in my own crochet shorthand so that I can make them in future without having to use the computer.  I’m currently at the heel section which she does totally different to anything I’ve seen before, so it will be interesting to see how easy it is to do and how it turns out.

Not a lot to show at present, so I’ll try to post a progress photo tomorrow.


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