“Summertime and the living is easy ….”

I’d probably have to change the words a little to fit our location but it is summertime … and the living is easy.  The fruit is ripening on the trees and the birds are having a good try at getting at it despite the nets.  This morning I found Gordon’s two special bonsai nectarines (which hadn’t been netted) had been half eaten, despite the fact that they were still green.  We still have three more little bonsai nectarines on another tree, so I’ll need to find something to cover them with until they ripen.  Although the apricots are finished (small crop and then fruit fly won the battle this year) we still have plums, peaches, grapes and pears, so we’ll be fairly busy over these summer months and into autumn.

I picked our first Santa Rosa plums yesterday and processed most of them for jam and ice cream, leaving a small bowlful for us to eat (there’s plenty more ripening on the tree).  This morning I made the first batch of plum ice cream and it looks and tastes delicious (I confess … I licked the bowl clean 🙂 )

On the crochet front, I have several pieces I’m working on.  A small pink bag for myself, a teapot stand/holder for Beth, a trial motif for a blanket for a special baby girl who will be coming into our lives later this year, a pair of slipper socks (just to see what they look like and if I like them), and I’m still working on the scrapghan that when finished should be big enough to fit on a single bed or to cover someone who wants to goof off for a “nanna nap” on the lounge on a cold winter’s day 🙂  It would also make a great picnic rug or a snuggle rug for the Morry convertible.  Photo for all of these projects are on the WIP page.

I didn’t get around to finishing off my pink and black jacket last year and now it’s summer and I don’t have the inclination as it’s too hot to have on my lap 😦   What I need to do is get myself organised and finish it so that it’s ready for the first cold snap of autumn/winter.  Silly to let it just sit in a bag unfinished.

For Sale – Item reduce … on the For Sale page I’ve reduce the black/silver shawl and gloves to $35.  I’d really like to sell this set as it would make a lovely addition to someone’s wardrobe.  I’d also like to be able to purchase some more yarn to feed my crochet addiction 😉 and this sale would help me achieve that aim 🙂 If you know of someone who would like this set, I’d appreciate it if you could send them a link to my site … or perhaps you’d like to purchase for yourself or as a gift?  I don’t have credit card facilities but I’m happy to forward my account details for a direct deposit.

The lead up to Christmas slowed down the crochet as I cooked up goodies for gifts.  Have a look on the Cooking page at the recipe for the shortbread I made.  It was a very easy recipe and made the most delicious, crisp shortbread.  There’s still some left (more than two weeks later) and it’s just as crisp as when I cooked it, so now I know I can make it ahead of time and not worry about it going soft.

So that’s where it’s all at.  The hot weather makes it difficult to work on big projects, but I plan to get stuck into a lot of different projects this year with the view to having a stall at a fair or market later in the year.  I’ll need to amass a fair bit to make it worthwhile … although we could always take books to sell at the same time and that way we might also manage to clear a bit of space in our bookshelves … always an ongoing problem as we keep succumbing to more books 🙂

It will be interesting to see what 2018 brings.  I hope it brings you health and happiness.



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