Sweet Delights

I’ve added two delicious recipes to my cooking page. One is a recipe called Raspberry Slice that my mum used to make and despite the unorthodox way that I make it, it stills comes out deliciously jammy and crunchy with a macaroon topping.  You can substitute any jam you like in this recipe.

Mum’s recipe says to cream the butter and sugar for the base, but believe me, I am sure she didn’t as she always made her recipes very simple.  I was never at home when she made this slice but I’m sure that the butter and sugar and egg yolk were creamed up in her KwikMix blender back in the 1950s/60s.  I decided that I’d try doing something similar with my food processor … and it worked.  This is what it looks like  …


The other slice is a big hit with young and old.  Who can resist a chocolate slice with chocolate icing and bright coloured sprinkles (or coconut)?  This recipe has been a long standing favourite with all the family since the 1970s and now into the next generation with our grandson deciding that this is his slice of choice and he’s very disappointed if there’s none in the bikkie barrel when he visits.


Pop over to my cooking page for the recipes and give them a try 😉

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