“Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy” ….

After so much rain it’s lovely to have a couple of days of sunshine.  Yesterday was absolutely glorious and today, after some very heavy and steady rain last night, is shaping up to be another sunshiny day.  Here’s our messy backyard enjoying some welcome sunshine.IMG_0353

This morning I listened to a podcast on photographing craft projects and apparently you need to have a sunlit room and no artificial light.  The tricky bit is that you can’t have direct sunlight as “the shadows are too harsh”.  I don’t think I have one room in the house that’s suitable for photography and obviously outside is too “bright and harsh”.  Pretty tricky.  From the two crafters on the podcast it appears that they have big houses with big rooms facing in the right direction … lucky ladies!  Guess I’ll just have to make do and try some different ways of photographing my work.  I must admit that I haven’t been happy with my past results, so more inventiveness required.

I have become addicted to downloading patterns and I have a good stash of yarns, so I think it’s time to look at what I have in stock and decide what I’d like to make next.

The black and silver scarf/shawl and fingerless gloves are complete and I’d love to make a beret to go with them, but can’t find the right design at the moment.  Also, not sure that it’s the right way to go.  Are there ladies out there that would wear a beret?  The black and silver yarn is incredibly soft.  When you look at the silver thread you immediately think that it will be scratchy, but amazingly it isn’t.  Very soft and cuddly.  I’ll post pictures up soon.

Today I plan to finish off my blanket jacket in the hot pink and black Scarfie multi yarn.  It’s been sitting and waiting long enough.  I just have to sew up the sleeves, put on the buttons and loops and it will be finished.  Perfect for this cold weather so time to get it ready to wear before the weather warms up.

That’s it … happy sunny day to all 🙂

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