“May the road rise to meet you” … or in my case, the driveway :-(

It just never seems to be just one incident in my life lately.  I had all that energy come back after the thyroid op, permission from the surgeon to sing at the Christmas in July concert, loads of practice both in my head (while I couldn’t sing) and at choir when I was able to sing … and what did I do? … fell on the driveway as I walked up to wait for my lift to go to the concert 😦  The driveway certainly rose to meet me … broken glasses, cut above my eyebrow (not major) and a very painful elbow/arm.  Decided that as I could move my fingers and make a fist that my arm wasn’t broken … probably just badly bruised.  Picked myself (and my two bags and umbrella) up off the driveway, went inside to see what damage I had done to my head … got rid of the blood and said I was still going.  Gordon says that it would have been useless to tell me that I couldn’t go … and he’s totally right! 🙂  I can be a bit pig-headed 😉 and I wasn’t going to let my Secret Women’s Business singing mates down!

It was a long day as we had rehearsals from 1pm through to 4pm, quick tea at a local cafe, more rehearsal and then the concert from 7 – 9pm … but it actually didn’t finish until closer to 10pm.  First half was the Variety Kids Choir, followed by SWB (12 of us) and then my Born to Sing Massed Choir (approx 120 singers).  Second half was Christmas carols with BTS backing the Variety Kids.  Very sore feet and back after being on our feet all that time but so worthwhile.  I was very fortunate that one of our SWB ladies had a black scarf that she made into a sling for my arm, which made the pain a bit more bearable and blended with our black clothing.

I tried to post a video of one of our songs, but because it was posted on Facebook I can’t put the link in here 😦  Very disappointing.  If you are interested, have a look at our FB page https://www.facebook.com/kay.aram.3

Sunday morning my arm was still excruciatingly painful, so off to the local Sunday morning doctor clinic to discover that it was possibly a fractured elbow.  Down to Midland to the Emergency Department … a lot of poking and prodding and questions, x-rays and finally a diagnosis of an undisplaced radial head fracture in my left elbow.  What that means is that although it is very painful it’s not broken so no need for surgery or plaster cast.  Just use my sling that I still had from my shoulder op and wait to see the orthopaedic surgeon in the Fracture Clinic.  That was another 10 days wait but at least I am now sling free and using my arm.  It’s still painful but the mobility gets better each day.

Being a “lefty”, every day chores have been quite difficult using my right hand/arm but I can still crochet because I was taught right handed … what a bonus!!  So I’ve managed to finish the second pair of dragon scale booties, the black and silver scarf (although I still have the second glove to make to finish the pair and the set) and I’m also working on a pink cotton clutch purse and a pair of blue fingerless gloves.  Just working slower as it seems that I move my left arm quite a bit when I’m crocheting … and I thought it was just holding the yarn with no movement.

So life goes on … an appointment for a bone density scan (hopefully bones are all OK) and then we should be back to normal.  Probably need a visit to a physio to see if anything can be done about a weak right ankle, which I think is what caused my fall.

BUT on a brighter note, I have splashed out and ordered yarn from the UK … Neon Pink, Pillar Red and Red Wine … and I’m impatiently waiting for it to arrive.  Not sure what I’ll do with it yet, but it was a good price, free postage and it’s a yarn that I just can’t get here in Western Australia.  I have so many patterns and projects that I want to try out so watch this space as I get stuck into it again 🙂

Gordon and I have also signed up to learn to play the ukelele, so we’ve both bought a tenor uke each and Friday mornings are our music morning with a great bunch of people at the Kalamunda Community Learning Centre.  That’s another challenge for the brain and hand co-ordination 🙂

That’s it for today.  I’ll post some pictures of the current projects later this week.

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