“Where have all the flowers gone” … or in my case ‘where has all the time gone’?

I may have been absent from here for a while but projects have still been happening as the months have flown by.

dragon slippers8
I finished the dragon booties and they’re now warming friend Anne’s feet in this cold weather, and Anne has ordered another pair that will be going to Melbourne.

Annabelle glitter shawl in a ballIMG_0039
The blue Wind Chimes Glitter Shawl found a new home with my sister plus she ordered another for a friend’s birthday gift, using the same design in Cleansing Quartz .


IMG_6768Another pair of fingerless gloves (the green pair in this pic) went to Lee, who now has an amazing collection of different colours to complement her wardrobe.


IMG_6769My blanket shrug in hot pink and black has been on hold as I completed other orders.  I just need to end it off, sew up the sleeves and add two big black buttons and it will be finished.  Time to get off my tail and get it done as it’s going to be perfect for this cold weather.

Also in progress is a set of fingerless gloves, shawl/scarf and possibly beret in a lovely soft black and silver yarn by Moda Vera.  If I can part with it, this set may be up for sale when it’s finished 🙂


On order are a pair of black fingerless gloves for the son of one of our favourite Sunday market stallholders.  Linda has two pair of purple gloves (she’s a Dockers supporter) and her son asked if he could order a black pair as the weather is getting extremely cold up here in Kalamunda as winter starts to really make its presence known.

I still have son Mikkie’s shark slippers to sort out.  The white yarn crocheted up very thin, totally different to the grey, even though they were both the same brand and ply, so I need to rethink how I’m going to make them.  Seriously, I know they’re supposed to look like sharks, but who would want white soles on their slippers?  Perhaps I need to change the colour scheme and use grey for the soles, black for the top and white for the teeth.

Wendy’s Happypotomus hasn’t been forgotten.  The motifs weren’t too difficult to work out but the joining instructions just don’t make sense.  A big chunk of quiet time is needed to get this project sorted out and finished.  If you’re reading this Wendy, I haven’t forgotten … I’m just being very challenged by this pattern 😦

On top of all that, there are so many other projects and gorgeous yarns that I want to try.  The challenge is finding the time.  The computer is a big time waster (I’ve been sitting here for two hours already!).  I love reading and can easily get lost in a book for the whole day or even several days.  Practising current repertoire and learning new songs for choir (whether out loud or in my head) take up a big chunk of time … especially with a Christmas in July concert coming up at the end of the month.  And of course there’s the ever present household stuff that needs to be done (ugh!!!)  BUT I will not be daunted 🙂  Every spare minute I can find I pick up my crocheting … especially in the evening when I can put up the recliner footrest and sit back and crochet to my heart’s content with no interruptions.

What has slowed me down somewhat, is that over the past six to eight weeks I’ve had to deal with medical issues that involved multiple CT scans, ultrasounds, blood tests, medical procedures and other stuff which finally brought a diagnosis of a parathyroid adenoma that was sucking the calcium out of my bones.  Amazing how quickly you get appointments when your GP adds the word “urgent” to blood tests and referrals.  The result was a three day hospital stay to have the right thyroid and parathyroid glands removed and the good news was that the adenoma was benign.  No nasties lurking so I get to keep my left thyroid and parathryoid glands.  What was totally amazing is that my calcium levels, which were at a massive high of 37 instead of a maximum of 7, dropped overnight after the operation down to 2, which means they’re now under what they should be but hopefully that can be resolved with calcium supplements.  I guess the next test will be a bone density scan to see just how badly my bones have been affected as we’ve no idea how long I’ve had the calcium loss.

The main benefit I’ve noticed since the op is that I’m no longer constantly tired, which apparently is one of the symptoms related to the thyroid.  To wake up in the morning and feel “awake”, rather than feel that I haven’t slept all night even though I have, is amazing.  I’m back to being the “morning person” that I used to be 🙂

More energy = more productiveness so watch out crochet hooks, here I come ……. 🙂 🙂

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