Wow!!! Big thanks ….

What an amazing response by my FB friends to like and share the link to this blog.

A big, heartfelt “THANK  YOU” to you all ❤  Yesterday I had 12 visitors and 92 views and already today there have been 5 visitors and 18 views.  That’s amazing!!!!  And when I looked at my FB post this morning it had reached 135 people … the highest number ever 🙂

This huge response has made the time spent getting this blog together all worth while … all the glitches, the hiccups, the loss of info due to my lack of knowledge and a myriad other issues.  At one point, when nothing was going right, I turned to WordPress Help and was pointed in the right direction by Tania who certainly helped get me on the way.  Many thanks to you Tania 🙂

This is something I’ve dreamed about for quite some time and to have it finally get to publishing point is almost beyond words …. which, for those who know me well, is definitely something 🙂 !!!

So, with a happy heart I’m heading off to Fremantle with Gordon and grandson Will.  Fish and chips for lunch at Kailis Brothers and then off to the Spare Parts Puppet theatre to see their current production of Hachiko.

Gordon has just been commissioned by Will to make him a Harry Potter wand and that’s in the making as I write.  Maybe a photo when we get back 🙂

Hey ho and off we go ……….


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